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I have been visiting myofacial massage therapist and traditional chiropractor regularly for health maintenance and stress release for many years. The blissful effect usually last for a week or two and I will have to see my therapist again.
When I moved to New Jersey, I needed a chiropractic adjustment badly. My body went out of alignment because of the packing, unpacking, heavy lifting and driving across states. My business coach recommended that I visit Dr. Fred. I had no idea that he practices a different kind of chiropractic that I was used to.
What an experience! After the first visit, I knew my body has found exactly what it needed to stay alive and stay happy. Words cannot describe the positive effects from the visits. I feel my spine move voluntarily, I feel the release of skeletal tension and I feel the unloading of psychological baggage too! After each visit, I feel lighter, brighter and rejuvenated. My physical and mental health improves tremendously. With Dr. Fred’s guidance, my body knows how and does what it needs to do to keep me at ease and at peace. The healing is from within instead of from without. It is empowering.
I am blessed to have met Dr.Fred. I look forward to a continual transformation of my well being under his professional and compassionate guidance.   -- Skye Tan


There has been a feeling of flatness and stagnation during the past few years of my life, not only psychologically but physically. The abundant energy and enthusiasm of my youth gradually gave way to boredom, fatigue, and a general state of lethargy and malaise. My body, especially in and around my neck, mid, and lower back was constantly feeling pressure, pain, and tightness. I was getting headaches frequently which felt like they originated in my upper neck and traveled to my eyes and sinuses. During my very first visit with Dr. Fred I felt something new and profound happening that seemed to involve not only my spine where he was touching, but other areas of my back, and the body as a whole. A wave-like energy and tingling rippled through my body and it started to move and release tension on its own... it was not only refreshing and welcoming... but actually blissful. When I sat up at the end of the session my entire body and mind felt completely serene, like I was in a deep meditation - more connected and at one with my innermost core and being. My breath became naturally full and deep and I felt incredible energy, but it was a peaceful energy, not a jittery kind like from the caffeine that I had became dependent on.

After about 6 weeks of care now the experiences have only advanced and deepened... my life has changed dramatically from the inside-out, my body is pain and stress free for the first time in many years, and the life choices I make now are automatically healthier and my overall quality of life has soared to new heights."

- M. K. (professional singer & musician, fitness trainer, massage therapist)


Network Spinal Analysis is the approach in my chiropractic care that has made such a massive difference in my body, mind, and emotions. With Dr. Kingsbury's gentle and skillful touch I have released many areas of chronic tension and blocked emotional energy. I am no longer "stuck" in habitual negative patterns of body and mind. I find that I can observe situations more clearly and act more appropriately based on reality and my own inner clarity and peace, rather then a victim-based filter or projection within me. I am now better able to have a deeper understanding into my body's reactions to stress and remarkably experience a spontaneous re-setting to peace in daily life. A big heartfelt thank you Dr. Fred.

- L. S.

I came to Dr. Kingsbury suffering with severe daily migraine headaches for years. I was swallowing three different types of medication twice a day - some with awful side-effects. I was very stressed and frustrated with my body. Within only two weeks of care with Dr. Fred my headaches were gone and my spine had a new ease and flexibility that was astounding to me. I was having great insights to how my body can transform, and how it can allow it's own internal rhythm of healing and life-energy to flow. I have noticed many other wonderful quality of life changes in my life in addition to pain relief, such as more energy, more mental and physical peace, more awareness, compassion and love. Simply a unique and amazing cumulative life-enhancing experience.

- M. S.

After my very first appointment with Dr. Kingsbury I felt completely relaxed - more deeply then I can ever remember. I was without pain for the first time in months! What a profound blessing that was. In subsequent visits I found Dr. Fred to be like a wise old tribal healer when it comes to unknotting rigid muscles and normalizing dysfunctional and tense spinal structures. My work and social life has dramatically improved in all ways for the better. Not only have I found Dr. Fred to be a gifted healer and a master at his craft, but a very generous and loving soul, that I can only feel grateful and fortunate to have known.

- C. L.

Dr. Fred's skillful approach to Network Spinal Care puts my body in the peaceful place it belongs. I found that it significantly opens up the pathways in my bodymind allowing my daily meditation practice to be much deeper, and my yoga sessions to flow more freely and effectively.

- J. M.

As a professional jazz singer I have found that with regular Network care with Dr. Fred there has been a profound effect on my music and my life as a whole. I have experienced a more relaxed mental focus, less performance inhibition, and generally more free and unburdened as a person. Over time this care has become one of the most important healthy things I do for myself and for others. For other people because I now have more of my own inner tools and resources to relate, accept, and connect more deeply with them.

- H. D.

I became a patient of Dr. Fred several years ago and have been astounded at the quantum leap his practice of Network Spinal Analysis offers beyond the standard, tried and true traditional model. The results are quantitative and qualitative. I no longer experience back and neck pain even if it's been several weeks since a treatment. There is no question that conscious and sub-conscious stresses and even traumas have been released. I am much healthier, happier, balanced, and focused. My rich spiritual life - I've practiced meditation for almost forty years - has been further enriched. Impediments to many of life's challenges are ingrained in our psyches, our bodies, and our ever-porous hearts. These stubborn, ingrown issues are very difficult to rout out or to even recognize at times. NSA works beyond the confines of the conscious mind to reach the underlying cause of resistance, fear, and physical anomalies caused by the vagaries of life in the physical world. It makes perfect - obvious really - sense to me that each person must be integrally involved in his/her own healing process. Not only is Dr. Fred an amazing healer himself but as such he enables and empowers each of us to become our own ultimate Healers.

- M. E.

I've been seeing Dr. Fred for over 2 months now and I can honestly say that I have never felt better! I went to see Dr. Fred, with some hesitation at the beginning, hoping that I can find some way to relieve stress from the pressures of work and day-to-day activities. The stress, to say the least, is now practically non-existent and to my amazement, the lower back pain that I've had endured over the years seems to have alleviated as well. I have much to thank for and am very grateful to Dr. Fred for helping me out. I am able to live my life more fully. Without any hesitation, I now look forward to visiting Dr. Fred and his method of treatment. Thank you, Dr. Fred.

- H. L.

Before I met Dr. Fred and introduced to the NSA approach my creative energy felt completely blocked. I aspire to be professional singer, and at that time manifesting things in my life that I wanted was ineffective and just could not create at a level I was capable of. This brought great frustration and lack of ease in my life especially my physical body and relationships. Now after two months under Dr. Fred's care I am on the right track again. My creative energy is abundant and flowing, and the discomfort and dis-ease is completely gone. After such a long time I can say that I am happy again.

- K. M.
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"The body weeps the tears the eyes refuse to shed."
   -- Donald Epstein, D.C.

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