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Welcome. We're pleased you've decided to explore our approach to healing and transformation.

Network Spinal Analysis has been found to be effective for anyone who desires in the short and long term to "bust" stress and enjoy greater wellness, higher performance, body-mind integration, and advance their innate healing strategies. This includes those suffering with acute or chronic health challenges. Dr. Fred personally believes from over 30 years of clinical experience anyone who is alive, breathing, and has a spine and nervous system may notice some important health and wellness benefits immediately and cumulatively over a lifetime.

What can you expect on your first visit?

We'll begin with an examination and assessment. To speed up the process, we request that you download and fill out our Personal History and Consent forms before you arrive and then bring them with you. We'll review your history together and answer any of your questions about our healing approach, and what is expected from you.  Also, after the consultation and examination if Dr. Kingsbury determines that a referral to another health professional is necessary, or the need for x-rays or other diagnostic services, he will discuss it with you at that time.

Learn more…

Please review our "Spinal Network Analysis" page for more information on what to expect.  You might also want to listen to some of the presentations with Dr. Donald Epstein, the creator of NSA and SRI, and the interview with Dr. Fred via the links to the left. 

Thanks again for your interest.  We look forward to you having you part of our Practice Member family.



"The body weeps the tears the eyes refuse to shed."
   -- Donald Epstein, D.C.

This month at Kingsbury Wellness…

Dr. Fred's Living Room 'Show & Tell' Program We arrange a convenient date and time for me to come to your home and present a lively, fun, and interactive lecture / demonstration of NSA and SRI to your friends / family /co-workers / neighbors / whoever....  This is a perfect way to introduce everyone you know to our world of healing and the wonderful benefits of our approach.                                     I'll bring DocFreddy's famous popcorn and other healthy treats!

Every Saturday Morning - 9:30 - 11:30 am
Spinal Healing & Amazing Breakfast Feast - come hungry!  Feel free to bring family and friends to introduce them to Dr. Fred and his healing approach.

Meditation Evening with Dr. Freddy
Next Date:  TBA

Dr. Freddy will discuss using consciousness and breath to 'touch' subtle energy centers and thereby transform the body and emotions, and will lead a guided mediation to experience that.  Open to the public... please invite your friends.