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The Kingsbury Wellness Center presents.....

OUR  NEXT 'CLEAR DAY'  -- April 2014!  stay tuned for details

Your Dr. Freddy and his friend and colleague Dr. David Potter join talents to create:


A powerful workshop designed within the Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) model to:
- amplify your healing,
- advance spinal-neural integrity, flexibility, and adaptability,
- enhance inner peace, well-being, and quality of life.... and to...
- effectively BUST STRESS!!

This day creates a foundation for further breakthroughs in our healing and personal growth, conducted in a serene environment which supports this process.

A clear day offers a rich tapestry of 3 NSA entrainments and other modality sessions plus meditation, music, inspiration, fun, release, and joy within a conscious healing community.

Consists of:

* 3 Network Chiropractic entrainment/adjustment sessions
* Somatorespiratory (SRI) healing sessions
* A dynamic body-centered meditation and yoga stretches
* A day of “community” with conscious, lively, loving people
* Live music

Date/Time:  TBA

Location / Directions:  TBA

Fee: TBA

Food:  bring a light lunch with you - we will supply bottled water and some healthy snacks (yes - even Dr. Freddy's popcorn!).

What to wear / bring:  wear comfortable clothing and we suggest you bring layers in case the weather is cool.  Bring a beach towel, pillow or cushion to sit on, and yoga mat (if you have one).

Contact to register:  Dr. Freddy at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 732-563-6737 or sign up during your next visit.




(For those under NSA care for at least two months.)

Just imagine 6 NSA Entrainments (with the most advanced practitioners on earth) with SRI (SomatoRespiratory Integration) and yoga over 2 days!!    Best party on the planet!!

I urge every one of my practice members to set aside the time and money to attend this awesome program. I have attended more than fifty 'Gates' and had the chance to experience with hundreds of my patients the profound benefits of this retreat.  Everyone who leaves the Gate on Sunday evening is convinced that this weekend experience was truly 'transformational' and ushered them into a new and exciting place on their healing journey.

A few personal GATE experiences....

"The Gate is a deeply transformational experience that that effected my body, mind and spirit.  Not only did the knots and kinks along my spine and neck disappear, but even more profoundly, I experienced embodied states of higher consciousness.  I have also found that the effects become more deeply integrated with regular NSA care once back at home.
Since the last Gate, I have definitely felt more connected in my body and more present to life.
During these challenging economic times when money is tight for a lot of us, it is natural to wonder if it is the best use of our money. Honestly, it may even be  more important now. The Gate offers a way to take care of ourselves in the most important way possible."
~ Lindsay Senecal

"I was unprepared for the depth of change I experienced at my first Transformational Gate in Denver of 2010.... but it was so welcomed!  In my five months of Network Care I had primarily felt a sense of stress relief, renewed health, and more energy after my entrainments. But after working with several skilled and intuitive practitioners at the Gate, I was led even further into a welcomed state of deep release and healing. I felt safe and supported to finally release maladaptive energies from the past and move forward into a state of profound physical, emotional and spiritual health.  After re-entering the “real” world following the Gate, I found I had a greater reserve of energy and new skills to creatively respond to daily challenges. In addition, I experienced such loving energy at the Gate that I would recommend the experience for this alone. As far as retreats go, the Gate for me ranks up there as one of the best."
~ Denise Rue

"My experience at the Gate was amazing!  This was my third Gate and with each entrainment I was brought to a greater place of inner peace and self awareness.  I am more present with myself and those around me during, and after, those weekend retreats.  My practice of SRI (SomatoRespiratory Integration) which was presented at the Gate has also deepened as I learned to connect somatically with areas that need my attention.  I can use SRI at home, at work, or most anywhere I can find a quiet moment in which to move and transform my energy and emotion.  What is really exciting is that I have found my sessions with Dr. Freddy after the Gates to be greatly enhanced because of the advanced stages that I achieved there."
~ Debbie Johnston

NEXT Transformational Gate – TBA

We are excited to announce the upcoming Transformational Gate May 28-30 in Morristown, New Jersey.  Convenient to the entire Northeast USA, and accessible to the world, Morristown is within driving distance of New York, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas.
The Transformational Gate will take place at the Westin Governor Morris and will offer discounted room rates of $109.00 per night plus tax. 
Please phone the hotel to reserve your room at the group rate and remember to mention the Wise World Seminars Transformational Gate. 
The hotel phone number is (973) 539-7300.  An early reservation is essential to assure your choice of room.


To download registration forms for The Transformational Gate you may download them at:

We are grateful for our extended Network family. A big THANK YOU for your participation in the Transformational Gates, and for doing your part today for a Wise World tomorrow!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Transformational Gate!


DR. FRED'S NSA and SRI 'show and tell' with Guided Meditation

next date:  TBA

An evening of wisdom, connection, and direct experience with Dr. Fred

From 7:00 to 8:00pm at Dr. Fred’s office:

Kingsbury Wellness Center
18 East Union Ave.
Bound Brook, NJ 08805

A one-hour experiential ‘show & tell’ where:

Dr. Fred will discuss, integrate, and demonstrate the breakthrough modalities of:
Network Spinal Analysis (NSA),
SomatoRespiratory Integration (SRI),
and lead a Body-Centered Meditation
NSA and SRI has captured the imagination of many neuroscientists and researchers around the world regarding sensory-motor strategies and healing outcomes.

Our BREATH is true, our TOUCH is true, our BODY is true, and our PRESENT-TIME awareness is true.
In this one-hour presentation you will see, feel, and experience subtle, yet powerful life-energy flow and psychophysiological transformations
all IN and THROUGH the body.

You will be able to take home and use these tools as a daily practice to release tension, bust stress, and further your personal awakening. Dr. Freddy will discuss using consciousness and breath to 'touch' subtle energy centers and thereby transform the body and emotions, and will lead a guided mediation to experience that. 

All practice members and their friends are invited. 

Dr. Fred will provide a healthy dish, snacks, and popcorn!!  Feel free to bring your own tasty creation as well! Thanks!
All practice members and their friends are invited.

NOTE: If you want to receive NSA care from Dr. Fred before the workshop begins please arrive between 6:00 - 6:30pm or earlier. 

Other workshops throughout the year will include:

  • Body-centered daily meditation for stress release
  • Dynamics of stress physiology and defense posture
  • The role of symptoms, pain, and disease in healing
  • Concepts of wellness, healing, and quality of life
  • The vitalistic healing model of Network Spinal Analysis
  • Somato Respiratory Integration self-help sessions
  • Discussions regarding optimum nutrition and exercise
  • Interactive question-answer sessions


 RESTORATION DAY  Cool  - To be announced  

11:00am – 5:00pm

Limited space!!! - only first 10 people accepted!!

WHAT IS IT:  A one-day (6-hour) retreat of healing and transformation designed
to BUST & TRANSFORM STRESS, amplify & advance somatic awareness, wellness, and quality of life. 
This day creates a foundation for further breakthroughs in our healing and personal growth,
conducted in an environment which supports this process.
A DAY NOT TO BE MISSED!!  Consists of:

* Three sessions of Yoga - a different type each session!
* Two NSA Entrainments
* SRI program (Somatorespiratory Integration)
* Guided Meditations

FEE:  only $99!!  (we have kept the fee especially low due to the economic crisis)




We arrange a convenient date and time for me to come to your home and present a lively, fun, and interactive lecture / demonstration of NSA and SRI to your friends / family /co-workers / neighbors / whoever....

I bring one of my portable tables and basically do an in depth 'show and tell' presentation. This is the most effective way for your circle of friends to become introduced to our wellness approach since they receive the information from a primary source, and can receive clear answers to all their questions.  Also other important areas of health and wellness are discussed like exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, etc...
I'm sure it will be a profound eye-opener for all those who attend, and they will be very appreciative that they were offered an invitation.

I also leave time at the end to offer them an experience of self-help SRI and a simple daily mediation technique - something they can take home and use for busting stress and achieving peak states.

Of course i will supply Dr. Fred's Gourmet Popcorn for everyone and we can arrange other healthy snacks as well.

I'm excited about embarking on this journey again and deeply appreciate your interest and support - let's chat about it when you come here for your visits or via phone/email.

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"The body weeps the tears the eyes refuse to shed."
   -- Donald Epstein, D.C.

This month at Kingsbury Wellness…

Dr. Fred's Living Room 'Show & Tell' Program We arrange a convenient date and time for me to come to your home and present a lively, fun, and interactive lecture / demonstration of NSA and SRI to your friends / family /co-workers / neighbors / whoever....  This is a perfect way to introduce everyone you know to our world of healing and the wonderful benefits of our approach.                                     I'll bring DocFreddy's famous popcorn and other healthy treats!

Every Saturday Morning - 9:30 - 11:30 am
Spinal Healing & Amazing Breakfast Feast - come hungry!  Feel free to bring family and friends to introduce them to Dr. Fred and his healing approach.

Meditation Evening with Dr. Freddy
Next Date:  TBA

Dr. Freddy will discuss using consciousness and breath to 'touch' subtle energy centers and thereby transform the body and emotions, and will lead a guided mediation to experience that.  Open to the public... please invite your friends.