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What is a Spinal Healing Fest?

THE KINGSBURY CHIROPRACTIC CAFE offers our Saturday morning feast in addition your spinal entrainment sessions... as an expression of our heartfelt appreciation for your support and referrals.                                                                                                                                                           

Our menu will include (but not limited to): organic coffee & teas, homemade yogurt with fruit and cashews,
almond butter toast, organic steel-cut oatmeal, ghee-coconut oil popcorn, muffins, cookies, other baked goodies....
and if any of you are so inspired, feel free to bring your own pot-luck creation to share!

So you and your friends are invited every Saturday morning from 9am to 11:30am where Dr. Fred prepares a yummy, nutritious buffet (you'll not want to miss his famous Ghee/Coconut Oil Popcorn!).  So come by and enjoy the wonderful community energy and healing experience.



"The body weeps the tears the eyes refuse to shed."
   -- Donald Epstein, D.C.

This month at Kingsbury Wellness…

Dr. Fred's Living Room 'Show & Tell' Program We arrange a convenient date and time for me to come to your home and present a lively, fun, and interactive lecture / demonstration of NSA and SRI to your friends / family /co-workers / neighbors / whoever....  This is a perfect way to introduce everyone you know to our world of healing and the wonderful benefits of our approach.                                     I'll bring DocFreddy's famous popcorn and other healthy treats!

Every Saturday Morning - 9:30 - 11:30 am
Spinal Healing & Amazing Breakfast Feast - come hungry!  Feel free to bring family and friends to introduce them to Dr. Fred and his healing approach.

Meditation Evening with Dr. Freddy
Next Date:  TBA

Dr. Freddy will discuss using consciousness and breath to 'touch' subtle energy centers and thereby transform the body and emotions, and will lead a guided mediation to experience that.  Open to the public... please invite your friends.