Dr. Fred's Bio

Fred L. Kingsbury, D.C., B.S. graduated with high honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1977. At that time, he received his Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science. He has completed numerous post-graduate studies in the disciplines of:

  • Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)  
  • Chiropractic Sports and Team Physician  
  • Stress Management Relaxation Methods  
  • Meditation, Yoga and Breathing Techniques  
  • Soft tissue massage and stretching procedures  
  • Spinal Biomechanical Engineering... and...
  • Awesome Creator of Delicious Soup :)

Over the past 35 years, Dr. Kingsbury has been invited to speak, demonstrate his work, and present workshops at many service organizations, corporations, universities, correction facilities, yoga studios, meditation groups, dance companies, health care facilities, environmental groups and personal growth communities. 

In 1999, he was invited to travel to India and parts of Indonesia where he volunteered his services and trained other physicians in natural healing principles and techniques. 

Dr. Fred has a son, Dallas, who has a Masters in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University and an MD degree from Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. He is currently a sports medicine and rehabilitation physician in Manhattan.

To the delight of his friends, patients and practice members, Dr. Kingsbury (or just "Dr. Fred" or "DocFreddy," as his practice members call him) has been known to express yet another talent serving delicious snacks, soups and tasty meals for his home/office visitors. There is always tea, organic coffee, and scrumptious treats offered in his kitchen for friends, visitors and patients.

We warmly invite you to visit us soon and enjoy the healing and transformation that is found here!