AWAKENING THE SPINE and WHOLE BODY… bring a friend - open to the public!

 Dr. Fred Kingsbury, DC will discuss:

* How to move from energy poor to energy neutral to energy rich / peak states within minutes!

* The unique history and progressive development of these paradigm-shifting healing approaches.

* How these systems dramatically increases ‘somatic awareness’ which allows for breakthrough transformation.

* How they upgrade and refine the ‘hardware’ and strategies of the nervous system to play the most advanced human ‘software’.

* The connection and interaction of subtle energy centers (chakras), emotions, and the spine

* Why productivity, efficiency, creativity and all elements of a successful life can be enhanced by transforming the relationship between the spine and the nervous system it houses and protects.

DATE:  Sunday, June 9th

TIME:   5pm to 7pm

LOCATION:  Onyx Yoga Studio - 45 Mountain Blvd., Warren  NJ 07059

RESERVATIONS CONTACT:   https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=6151&stype=-102&sView=day&sLoc=0&sTrn=100000308&date=06/09/19 

or email:  info@onyxyogastudio.com   

or call: 908.834.8064 

FEE:   $20 for Onyx members  $25 for non-members 

This is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to bring friends to learn more about these revolutionary healing approaches in a clear, understandable way. 

We know ‘a picture is worth a thousand words',  so Dr. Kingsbury will provide a visual demonstration of the NSA/SRI approach and allow ample time for a question / answer session.

Also, to conclude the presentation a special GUIDED MEDITATION session will be conducted that links emotions and their anchors to the subtle body which is transforming and life-changing.


For more details about the workshop content please contact:  

Fred L. Kingsbury, DC  @ 732-563-6737 or kingsburywellness@gmail.com