guided meditation classes with dr. fred

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Learn from decades of experience

Dr. Fred is a Meditation and Wellness instructor with over 40 years of experience.

Practical daily meditation

  • A self-help strategy that releases and transforms stress and anxiety.
  • Leads to inner peace and mental clarity.
  • Infuses more energy into mind and body.
  • Teaches how to penetrate into the body-emotion-sensation complex to transform negative emotions and tension into healing and expansion.
  • Manifests more love, compassion, and adaptability in life.
  • A spiritual, yet non-religious, inward journey that facilitates connection with the ocean of transcendent awareness that observes the nature and patterns of mind, its tendencies, and how it influences our perceptions, emotions and physical reality.

Open to the public - Bring the whole family!

No formal fee - however, a donation is accepted for a local animal shelter.

Dress comfortably

And only eat lightly before arriving, or not at all. Meditation is best on an empty stomach! Plus, DocFreddy's soup and other goodies will be served afterwards.

Time and place to be announced

Posted here and in our monthly email newsletter.

Dr. Kingsbury is also available to teach meditation at your event!

Arrange to have Dr. Fred visit your home or office for a beautiful guided meditation.