WITH DOCFREDDY

Dr. Fred is a Meditation and Wellness instructor with over 40 years of experience.

Learn a practical daily meditation.....

- A self-help strategy that releases and transforms stress and anxiety 

- Leads to inner peace and mental clarity

- Infuses more energy into mind and body

-  Teaches how to penetrate into the body-emotion-sensation complex to  transform negative emotions and tension into healing and expansion 

- Manifests more love, compassion, and adaptability in life

- A spiritual, yet non-religious inward journey that facilitates connection with the

ocean of transcendent awareness

-  That observes the nature and patterns of mind, its tendencies, and how  it influences on our perceptions, emotions, and physical reality.

  • These classes are open to the public and families welcome
  • NO formal fee – however a donation is accepted for a local animal shelter
  • Dress  comfortably and only eat lightly, or not at all, before arriving …  meditation is best on an empty stomach, and Docfreddy's soup and other  goodies will be served afterwards!

When:   Next date and time to be announced...  notification will be through email announcements and posting on this website

Where:  Kingsbury Wellness Center                                                       

18 E. Union Ave., Bound Brook, NJ 08805

(unless another location is specified)

NOTE:   Dr. Kingsbury is available to lead meditation classes at your home or  workplace - contact us to discuss details and arrange a date and time.