Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), also known as Network Chiropractic Care, has been found to be effective for anyone who desires to "bust" stress and enjoy greater wellness, higher performance, profound body-mind integration, and further advance innate healing strategies. This includes those suffering with acute or chronic health challenges. Dr. Fred has observed, from over 35 years of clinical experience, that anyone who is alive, breathing, and has a spine and a nervous system may notice some important health and wellness benefits relatively quickly, and - most importantly - experience long-term and cumulative wellness indicators over a lifetime.

If possible, to save time before your first visit, print out and complete our patient intake forms at the bottom of this page and bring them with you.  Thanks!

Click here for more information on NSA and what to expect. 

Also, watch this video presentation with Dr. Donald Epstein, the creator of NSA and SRI. 

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The Four Truths About Human Function:




 The human body has the ability to heal itself 

and be a vehicle for life-transformations.




 The nervous system controls and coordinates all 

human function including its healing, immune capacity, 

and states of energy and consciousness.




 The spine protects and interacts with the nervous system.




 If the spine is misaligned, fixated, and/or experiencing adverse tension, it stresses or irritates the nervous system causing dysfunction of the human body-mind complex.

On your first visit, you will review your history with Dr. Kingsbury.

He'll answer any of your questions about his healing approach and discuss what is expected from you. 

After the consultation and examination, if Dr. Kingsbury determines that a referral to another health professional is necessary, or x-rays or other diagnostic services are needed, he will discuss it with you at that time. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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