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Ask Dr. Fred...

Question:  “Is the NSA /SRI approach you use more directed towards wellness and prevention, or for treating pain and conditions?”

Dr. Fred:   Good question, and I am asked this quite often when I present lectures and workshops. 

The quick answer is both. 

But that may actually be a bit misleading or confusing.   So, a more complete answer is the following...   

How I often begin the answer is to ask the audience a question which immediately offers a deeper perspective, for instance:  “Do you think someone with any condition, pain, or disease process would be better off eating natural, fresh, organic food, and drinking pure water?  Engaging in regular daily exercise with adequate fresh air and sunshine?  Adequate rest, sleep, and stimulating creative projects?  Experiencing fun, loving, fulfilling, energetic,  laughter-filled relationships and connections with others?  Or not be better off at all?  The answer is obvious.  There is NEVER a time in life, or in the state of the body (health, injury, or disease) where more life-supporting, energy-rich wellness factors would not be sought after and welcomed.  

And that’s where my clinical approach comes in.  With the application of NSA/SRI  a practice member moves from a poor or neutral energy state to a higher, richer state initiating important healing transformations in the bodymind complex.  Without trying to ‘fight’ the body or its ‘conditions’ or trying to ‘treat’ a symptom, we understand the body can, and does, heal itself if enough internal resources are available, and much of the ‘interference’, ‘irritation’, ‘defense’, and tension is reduced and/or properly regulated and re-organized within the spine and nervous system. I state this frequently but calls out to be repeated here… we see someone’s pain, condition, or symptom a location where there is often ‘trapped’ energy and emotion which requires to be connected to, and liberated… then their ‘wound’ can become their ‘medicine’.  Within that area of trapped tension IS the energetic potential for healing and transformation in the majority of cases.

In conclusion, trying to ‘remove’ a symptom without utilizing the energy within it, or gaining personal insight and learning from it is not truly a healing process... it’s more of a masking or deflective process.  Having stated all the above I must proclaim emphatically that for the past 35 years using these methods I have seen the common symptoms that people experience like spinal pain/stiffness, headaches, shoulder and knee pain, allergies, and digestive complaints resolve more quickly and effectively once the underlying tension complex becomes addressed with our approach.  So, resolution of pain and symptoms through addressing a common ‘cause’ - the underlying tension and emotion – also plays a powerful role in overall wellness, prevention, and self-discovery.