Hello Dear Practice Members and Friends,

Welcome to our Kingsbury Wellness Newsletter… an idea rolling around in my pre-frontal cortex for over 10 years has now manifested! Once a month, I send out a wealth of knowledge—practical, healthy tips, thought-provoking articles and recommended reading, reminders for my upcoming events, and much more—all dedicated to stimulate your intellect, your health, and your awakening.

My vision is to promote bits of wisdom from different traditions and disciplines—infused with positivity and mindfulness—while providing vital information to help you on your journey to greater health and wellness! We are all social beings and so the connection to community and like-minded folks can only enhance our healing and transformation. My desire is that this newsletter will serve as part of that connection, and something to look forward to every month. And feel free to share with interested friends.

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Here's to your health!

Dr. Fred L. Kingsbury, DC

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