What Is Network Spinal Analysis?


What Is Network Spinal Analysis?

Network  Spinal Analysis (NSA) consists of gentle, sequential contacts in  specific spinal locations called "Spinal Gateways." As these Spinal  Gateways are activated they refine the body's strategy to release and use trapped tension.  Research studies suggest that this process leads to  a significant increase of health-related quality of life wellness  indicators.

Network  Spinal Analysis - which was previously known as 'Network Chiropractic' -  is a self-healing and transformational process which cumulatively  increases "somatic awareness" helping the body recover from stored  stress, and chronic adverse spinal and whole body tension patterns. The body responds to this heightened awareness with automatic and spontaneous changes in breath and movement, establishing an internally  driven self-corrective phenomenon.

NSA has developed over the decades and evolved clinically into three distinct levels of care associated with an ever-increasing well-being and bodymind adaptability, they are:

1 - Connect and Release     2 - Refine and Transform     3 - Expand and Awaken

Network  Spinal Analysis facilitates the healing needed in that moment by  "entraining" the spinal system to spontaneously oscillate and "unwind"  tension within itself, and use the release of that stored or trapped  tension as a positive energetic fuel to help drive the healing process. 

Network  Spinal Analysis has been shown to increase our resilience, flexibility, adaptability to mental, emotional, chemical, and physical stressors.

Network  Spinal Analysis manifests two distinct, unique, and spontaneous 'waves'  along the spine - called respiratory and 'somatopsychic' or physical waves, which are associated with a more efficient self-regulation of tension, powerful healing responses, and shifts in the global energy state of the practice member.

Network  Spinal Analysis recognizes the spine as a "switchboard of consciousness" associated with all bodymind states and 'entrains' the  body to learn new strategies to self-correct and re-set throughout the day. The body integrates each session's learning into an ever-increasing ability to self-heal and adapt to life's challenges. 

Who Can Benefit?

People  who desire in the short and long term to "bust" stress and enjoy greater wellness, higher performance, body-mind integration, and advance  their innate healing strategies. This includes those suffering with  acute or chronic health challenges.